Gives You Butterflies Package ($100)

Style + Design 

Our Lead Stylist will guide you to create any design you want and bring it to life. Our stylist will come up with a concept for events and designs with a signature style, design plan, and color schemes. We will create a list of vendors for you to choose from based on your type of style. The clients will bring what is on paper from our stylist and bring them to the vendors making the wedding planning process efficient, and stress free.  Our stylist will consult with clients throughout the process via phone and email. This experience would include two in person meetings and unlimited calls and texts.

All Tied Together Package ($5,200)

Design + Full Planning

Our team will work diligently and passionately to get brides + grooms their fairytale wedding they have been day dreaming about. You will work side by side with one of our top stylists throughout the process. 

Design- Custom details from color palette, floral concept, cake design + all the finer touches

Planning- Our stylists will create a vendor selection based on clients budget. Our stylist will walk you through getting the perfect favors, favor rentals, assist with cake design decisions, and all of the smaller details in-between.

Execution- Personalized wedding binders will be given to each couple which is reviewed with clients a week before the wedding. Our team will be there at your venue on the big day to oversee all of the vendors and to make sure everything is in place.